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From quantum computing to the fight against COVID-19, exciting things are happening all across the world of technology and innovation, with many developments taking place right here at Paris-Saclay. To stay connected, despite the distance and postponed meetings and events, Paris-Saclay is coming to you! With exclusive features, deep dives into the heart of innovation and a roundup of the latest innovation news, Paris-Saclay is sharing sustainable solutions for a promising future.

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💎 Just between us

The second quantum revolution is here. Founded in 2017 by three researchers from the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies (C2N) at Paris-Saclay University, Quandela develops a unique Quantum Computing platform based on Photonic Qubits, a type of ultra-pure light offering advanced information processing capabilities. Awarded with the IncubAlliance Grand Prize in December 2019, the startup’s single-photon technology promises to build the world’s most powerful computers and a more secure Internet.

Quandela CEO and Co-Founder Valérian Giesz is not shy about his company’s potential: “Our solution is like the transistor of the 2020s, powering the future technologies that will have the biggest impact.” Indeed, quantum computing boasts numerous game-changing applications, from developing and testing new medications to optimizing electric grids and integrating renewables.

Paris-Saclay also plays a critical role in the startup’s development. As Giesz explains: “We are fortunate to benefit from the unique ecosystem at Paris-Saclay. Its 3,000 square meter cleanroom is one of the biggest in Europe and is home to leading teams working on the most advanced technologies. Without their world-class support, we could not have developed our technology.”

What’s next for the startup? Quandela is one of the French Tech Paris-Saclay community members and one of the pioneers on Paris-Saclay Start-Up. Recently awarded the French Tech Seed label, Quandela just completed its initial funding round and is now moving into a larger space at Massy-Palaiseau. The future is bright for this top startup to watch!

👀 In case you missed it

👉 1. The 2020 Challenge ranking features 36 startups with ties to Paris-Saclay, including Buster AI, a fact-checking specialist selected by Paris-Saclay Seed Fund in 2019, and Big Data specialist Illuin, a key player in the Paris-Saclay open innovation ecosystem.
👉 2. Isybot, a robotics company specialized in automating business tasks, raised 2 million euros at the end of April
👉 3. France backs startups and tech sector during pandemic to reassure investors and venture-capital funds, planning to boost its 160 million bailout announced in March by at least 50%

🚀 All the buzz at Paris-Saclay – Focus on Covid-19

  • Eurobio Scientific is preparing for life after lockdown. The French leader in the field of in vitro medical diagnostics has developed a machine enabling massive serology through fast Covid-19 testing, an essential tool for defining the population immune to the disease.
  • France launches EpiCOV, a nationwide epidemiological survey designed to determine the immunological status of the country’s population. Paris-Saclay University is a key partner in this survey, which will help to guide public decision-makers as they implement measures to stop the virus.
  • 330 petaflops, or the equivalent of 775,000 supercomputers: that is the awe-inspiring processing power of the world’s most powerful supercomputers tackling the threat of Coronavirus at Paris-Saclay Campus. In addition to aiding their frantic quest for therapeutic solutions, these tools open promising avenues across health, engineering and climate.
  • Prinsoles, the winning startup in the Health category of the 2018 Paris-Saclay SPRING pitch contest, and a specialist in the customization and 3D printing of orthopedic insoles, adapted its production capacity to make protective face shields for healthcare workers. Operating 24/7, the company’s 3D printers churn out 1,000 face shields a day, representing 25% of France’s daily production!

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