Just beetween us : Find out more about Geoflex, the hypergeolocation startup

Winner of the Jury’s Prize at this year’s Paris-Saclay Spring event, Geoflex enables end-users of its services, whether in the field of Geospatial, Construction, Agriculture, Road Navigation, Rail, Maritime and River, Air or in Geolocation Services, to position themselves in real time anywhere in the world with an accuracy of a few centimeters or a few. We met with Romain Legros, Founder and Managing Director of this startup that joined IncubAlliance in late 2015.

  • The Geoflex advantage. Current systems such as GPS (American system), GLONASS (Russian system), BEIDOU (Chinese system) or GALILEO (European system) only guarantee an accuracy of around 5 to 10 meters. Geoflex enables end users to position themselves in real time anywhere in the world with an accuracy of a few centimeters using GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems). Known as hypergeolocation, this precision offers critical benefits in a wide range of fields.
  • Correcting data to enable hyper-precision. The company’s “Precise Point Positioning” technology allows it to model in real time the errors of all GNSS satellites from observations made across a worldwide network of about 80 permanent stations. In this way, Geoflex can broadcast the necessary corrections to its users so they can synchronize and correct their location measurements.
  • Marketing a service, not a product. Operators must ensure that location corrections are delivered to their machines, which requires specific hardware and software. “This is why we market service boxes for enhanced GNSS accuracy, which include hardware and software development kits allowing industrial companies to integrate our know-how into their systems”, explains Romain Legros.
  • Leveraging the Paris-Saclay campus. “When entering the development phase, we opted to work in “start-up” or “agile” mode in order to benefit from the cross-fertilization between different fields, receive support with financial questions and connect with a wide network to help us create a French industry of excellence in the field of precision positioning,” recalls Romain Legros.
  • Next step: reaching large companies. Since Geoflex works with complex business models and disruptive technology, it’s essential for its clients to understand how this technology can help them. “For example, with SNCF, we explained how a strong GNSS system can improve their processes, notably eliminating the need for certain rail infrastructure used to locate trains,” tells Romain Legros. Geoflex is now entering the sales and business development phase, aiming to structure its company and expand staff. Stay tuned for more updates!

Paris-Saclay is essential. We were born here and moved from the IncubAlliance to Massy. We live and breathe this campus and can’t imagine working anywhere else.

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