Just between us: Yeasty is a perfect example of how SPRING 50 can propel a startup to success

A rising star in FoodTech, Yeasty is a startup that recycles byproducts from the brewing industry to make plant-based, protein-rich ingredients for manufacturers across the food industry. Not only does the company demonstrate all the value offered by circular economy practices, it’s also a perfect example of how SPRING 50 can propel a startup to success. We caught up with Nikola Stefanovic, Co-Founder and CEO of Yeasty, to learn more about the company’s development and future.

Recycling the byproducts of brewing

Yeasty is a classic example of a startup turning a problem into an opportunity. First, the company realized craft breweries generally have no solution in place to reprocess their two main byproducts: used grains and yeast. Next, the team stepped in with a key innovation: converting these byproducts into plant proteins for agro-industrial use. The result is a complete, sustainable and affordable ingredient that food manufacturers can use in sports nutrition, health foods and vegan products.

An idea born at AgroParisTech INRAE

After meeting in the craft beer tasting club at AgroParisTech INRAE, the startup’s founders, Nikola Stefanovic and Matthieu Durand, decided to turn their passion for ales and lagers into a business. While looking into starting a brewery, the pair discovered the waste management issue and opportunity presented by the 5 million tons of yeast byproducts produced by the brewing industry. The duo then launched their adventure in May 2020, releasing their first proof of concept after 10 months of R&D.

Comprehensive support at Paris-Saclay

AgroParisTech INRAE supported their venture at every step: providing two rounds of funding through the AgroParisTech INRAE Foundation and inviting the startup to join the Food Inn’Lab, where they developed concrete applications for their recycled product. With its premises and labs currently located at Genopole in Evry, Yeasty plans to maintain its close connection to Paris-Saclay by opening its first industrial demonstrator in Essonne.

Our mission at Yeasty is to develop and market proteins that are more sustainable for both the planet and people, by making ingredients that are accessible for all communities and diets. Our goal is to meet the challenge of feeding everyone.

Nikola Stefanovic, co-Founder and CEO of Yeasty

Spring 50: a powerful catalyst for startups

The young company received an early boost by taking part in the SPRING50 competition at SPRING 2022. Within a week of their pitch, the startup was contacted by its first major investor. In addition to this unique chance to connect with potential investors and prospects, Yeasty also appreciated the immense diversity of players attending Paris-Saclay SPRING, from concept testing to industrial development and financing, as well as the atmosphere of mutual support among startups in every sector.

Eyes on expansion

After raising nearly €1.5 million last summer, Yeasty recruited a team of 10 people to pursue its 36 prospects around the world. This year, the startup aims to expand its production, secure its first large-scale contracts and protect its innovation with a patent. With plans to open its first industrial production site by 2024, the team at Yeasty hopes to see its little startup grow into an international company with a presence in Asia and North America. Cheers to a bright future!

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