Newbies : energy savings, 3D training platform, recycling eggshells & more

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Our newbies – December 2020

  • Lemon Energy supports industries that renovate, relocate and increase their production capacities. Emerging from CentraleSupelec, the startup helps clients optimize and enhance their projects by capitalizing on potential energy savings.
  • Part of the WIPSE business accelerator at Paris-Saclay, F3DF is France’s first 3D online training platform devoted to 3D printing and Autodesk certification.
  • Pursuing a circular economy approach developed within the Food’in Lab at Paris-Saclay, Circul’Egg recycles eggshells issued from agricultural biowaste to create new raw materials for the feedstock, nutraceutics and cosmetics industries.
  • Kalima Systems has developed blockchain technology dedicated to the Internet of Things. Working with the Paris Versailles Saclay airfield and Systematic, the startup enables its customers to collect, transport and share data from connected objects in real time with confidence and security.
  • Circlely works to promote products within a local market with the aim of finding the right end user. Part of the IMT Starter incubator, Circlely’s application facilitates the product distribution for sale or donation.
  • Operating from Paris-Saclay campus, ART-Fi provides SAR measurement solutions for mobile phones, small cells, laptops, tablets, picocells, and more.
  • InBolt develops positioning & navigation technology based on 3D vision for indoor industrial applications. Rooted in the Drahi-X Novation Center and Systematic at Paris-Saclay, the startup is developing a miniature module to attach onto any means of production: AGVs, robotic arms, cobots & hand held tools (drills, wrenches, etc).
  • Connected to CCI and Maison des entreprises de Versailles, Black System France is a French manufacturer of paper drinking straws and paper tubes for technical, medical and environmental applications.
  • Part of IOGS 503, France Kiss is a startup that invents and manufactures electrically assisted bicycles. Its niche is to create elegant, sturdy bikes, which stand out from the ordinary to provide users with maximum enjoyment.
  • Located in Massy and founded by former GIS professionals, Aeromapper is a startup that leverages data to design drones and avionics systems for UAVs.
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