Siemens and the CEA establish the MindSphere Center: an R&D center dedicated to digital technology and data intelligence in Paris-Saclay

The Siemens Digital Factory and Process Industries and Drives Division and the CEA announced at the GLOBAL Industries trade show that they plan to form a partnership on data analysis and artificial intelligence. The MindSphere Center for innovation will be created under the partnership. Researchers from Siemens and the CEA will staff the center, which will also host startups. The center will focus on developing digital solutions for industrial processes, in particular leveraging
Siemens’ MindSphere IoT operating system.

The MindSphere Center will be located at the future DigiHall hub for digital technology and artificial intelligence research on the Paris-Saclay innovation campus.

More than a hundred people from Siemens, the CEA, and France-based startups including Braincube, a Manufacturing Intelligence specialist that develops and integrates cloud-based solutions, will move to the new collaborative workspace.

Additional modular collaborative workspaces manned by MindSphere Center staff and industrial partners seeking solutions for their digital transformation projects will be set up to meet the needs of future projects.

The center’s researchers will focus on developing new applications for MindSphere and on bringing Siemens’ customers enhanced information systems security management solutions.

Siemens and Braincube have been working together for two years. This new joint project is evidence of their continued commitment to contributing to the digitalization of industry in France. The two companies also plan to sign a partnership agreement to integrate and deliver their respective technologies to customers through packaged offers.

“Industry’s capacity to create value is now inextricably linked to the virtual world, paving the way to new data-based services. The capacity to effectively leverage data will become industry’s main source of value creation. The new MindSphere Center will strengthen our position as a partner of the Factory of the Future in France by placing data at the center of our customers’ digital transformation projects,” said Vincent Jauneau, Vice President, Siemens France.

“This new partnership is a prime example of the CEA’s and its innovation ecosystem’s growing appeal. Our position at the crossroads of research and industry is particularly relevant to digital technology and the Factory of the Future,” said Christophe Gégout, Associate Administrator-General, CEA.

“We are proud to be expanding our work with Siemens. This partnership represents a key opportunity for us to stay focused on our core business as a software developer while taking full advantage of MindSphere’s connection and hosting
capacities. It also offers us a unique chance for us at Braincube to show what we can do in terms of using Big Data and AI to improve manufacturing processes,” said Laurent Laporte, Co-Founder and COO, Braincube.

Source : CEA / Siemens

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