TheraPanacea uses AI to improve brain cancer treatment

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One startup operating at Paris-Saclay is revolutionizing treatment for one of the deadliest forms of brain cancer. TheraPanacea is a medical technology company, which harnesses AI to develop cutting-edge software to optimize diagnostics, prognostics and therapies for cancer.

The startup, which offers pioneering holistic approaches for cancer research and treatment based on a multi-scale integration of medicine, information theory, data curation and computational medicine, recently met with French President Emmanuel Macron and ministers Frédérique Vidal and Olivier Véran to discuss the ways in which artificial intelligence can improve cancer treatment, reduce toxicity and ensure fast and equitable treatment to all cancer patients.

This high-profile meeting comes on the heels of the company’s partnership with AP-HP, Gustave Roussy, ICANS and GE Healthcare to secure funding from Bpifrance to bring effective, personalized treatment to cancer patients diagnosed with Glioblastoma (GBM), one of the most complex, deadly, treatment-resistant cancers with an estimated survival of only 12 to 18 months.

Leveraging its expertise in developing cutting-edge, AI-powered software to optimize cancer diagnostics, prognostics, and therapies, TheraPanacea will develop AI algorithms to elucidate the complex structure of GBM and unlock underlying local characteristics which are invisible to human eyes. “This unique collaboration with outstanding clinical partners shifts radiation oncology towards a personalized, smart treatment delivery with better outcomes, lower treatment toxicity and substantial side-effects reduction for GBM patients” explains Nikolaos Paragios, Founder and CEO of TheraPanacea and distinguished professor of Mathematics at the Universityé ofParis-Saclay.

Be sure to follow TheraPanacea for more updates on its critical work to develop life-saving diagnostic and treatment pathways.
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