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Innovation is in bloom this summer, with Europe making several bold moves in tech as the accolades pour in for French universities and research institutions, including Paris-Saclay.

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A total of 34 French schools feature in the Shanghai ranking. Among them, 18 are ranked in the top 50. France’s recognition is due in particular to its unique strategy of partnering institutions. Indeed, it is the so-called “experimental” establishments that have earned the top spots: Paris-Saclay, Paris Sciences et Lettres and the University of Paris.
In addition to claiming the top spot in mathematics, Université Paris-Saclay ranks in the Top 100 of the world’s best universities in 25 disciplines. In particular, it is ranked 9th in physics and 12th in agriculture.

“This ranking offers our laboratories and our graduates significant visibility, especially among international students, as well as for our collaborations, whether with institutions in other countries or with companies and civil society,” adds Sylvie Retailleau, President of the University of Paris-Saclay.

In addition to its high-level research to further our understanding the world, Paris-Saclay University also stands as one of France’s leading universities for the career opportunities available to its students and doctoral fellows.

💎Just between us

To infinity and beyond! Exotraila space industry startup founded in 2017 but first conceived in 2015 at Paris-Saclay, aims to develop agile solutions for the small satellite market, including electric propulsion systems and mission design software.

Fueling its success, the startup capitalized on a growing niche in the space industry, which has recently moved from producing complex and costly large one-off satellites to smaller models that are faster and cheaper to develop, ranging from nano-satellites weigh 2-3 kg or micro-satellites weighing up to 300 kg.

In this way, Exotrail can offer a broad array of transportation services to networks of small satellites located around the Earth in order to reduce their launch costs, improve their performances, and reduce space pollution. Thanks to their comprehensive visibility and ultra-fast response times, these networks can ensure rapid observation and enhanced management of connected devices.

Paris-Saclay offered a fertile environment for the startup, notably due to to its wide range of academic skills as well as the SATT technology transfer and funding available on campus. “We probably could not have done this anywhere else…At Paris-Saclay, we found a space adapted perfectly to our ambitions. That’s why we chose to stay there”, explained Jean-Luc Maria, co-founder of Exotrail.

Today, with 25 employees at Paris-Saclay and a lab in Toulouse, the startup has delivered its first demonstrator, hammered out its sales positioning and signed its first contracts with the French Space Agency, the European Commission, Scottish company Clyde Space and French company Eutelsat.

👀 In cased you missed it

Tech Innovation in Europe

👉 1. The Trump administration’s freeze on student visas may slow AI research and pose a threat to US dominance in the field.

👉2. With 32 companies valued above $1 billion, European tech is strongly positioned to produce the future industry leaders.

👉3. Europe moves to regain control of its data with Gaia-X, a dedicated cloud for the continent to rival its US and Asian counterparts.

Research to Fight Covid-19

👉1. GE Healthcare, Orange Healthcare and TheraPanacea team up with AP-HP and the Société d’Imagerie Thoracique to create a unique Covid-19 database, drawing data from 10,000 thoracic scanners to expand our understanding of the disease and evaluate the role of AI in diagnosis.

👉2. A University of Grenoble Alpes lab is working to understand how Covid-19 spreads through air, with the potential to build better protective equipment.

👉3. Paris-Saclay University and its partners dedicate a €915,700 research fund to fight Covid-19 and its impacts, with 23 projects selected to “build a sustainable post Covid-19 future”.

🚀 All the buzz at Paris-Saclay

  • “A tremendous boost and show of confidence!” One year after their selection, 14 startups certified by SATT weigh in on the benefits offered by the program. A new selection round is set for September 10.

🏆 Our newbies

  1. French Tech Paris-Saclay is thrilled to have welcomed six new startups and partners in the month of June.
  2. Paris-Saclay Startup is also welcoming 8 new startups in July:
  • INNOVHEM: developer of biomarkers to optimize patient management for treating red blood cell disease
  • SYNSIGHT: combines AI, molecular modeling and functional high-content screenings for drug discovery and design
  • DIGIMIUM: provider of unified communications solutions for business.
  • OXIBOX: data continuity for greater resistance to cyberattacks, fast recovery and unification.
  • FLIPS: mobile app to foster new social connections around shared interests.
  • ZERO WATTHEURE: energy and water management services for tertiary buildings.
  • MIHALY: 3D scanning and 2.5D printing for decorative and industrial items.
  • STORIT.IO: distributed data backup solution in community mode.

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